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Essentially, Beacom Energy, Inc. provides energy management and product distribution services. First, Beacom is an energy marketing company that assists private and public sector customers in procuring their electricity and natural gas. More than that, Beacom Energy is a marketer that assists clients with larger energy demands purchase power in the wholesale market, manage risk and plan for what comes next. As a natural evolution with sustainability efforts, energy efficiency products and green initiatives, Beacom added project management and distribution services to provide better and complete services for our divierse clientele.

Beacom Energy, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Jean Beacom, and has since helped over 2,000 public and private retail commercial and industrial customers, contributing to the procurement, management and service of over $1 Billion of energy consumption, auditing, projects and distribution needs.

Beacom Energy is a certified Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women's Business Development Center-WBENC (WBDC-WBENC), National Women's Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC), the State of Illinois – Business Enterprise Program (BEP-FBE) and Cook County (WBE). Beacom Energy is an approved wholesale power marketer by FERC as an electric power provider, and is a PJM Interconnection member.

More About Ms. Beacom
Our Philosophy
The Best Decision

We believe in Accessible, Educated Partners.

WE ARE PARTNERS. Goal one is to create measurable value for our "Partners." With your success comes our success.

BE THE BEST. Dedicated to being "The Best Decision" in our industry, Beacom Energy supports professional and personal growth of its Advisors with continued education and community involvement.

YOU HAVE CHOICES. We realize that each customer's first choice is based in the question: Who can we trust to work in the best interest of OUR company? Our Partners must come to know we are their Best Decision. Equality, Honesty and Respect drive our behavior and corporate culture.

Beacom Energy focuses on excellence in quality, timely deliveries, industry expertise, teamwork, diversity and continuous improvement. Our services, sound business practices, character development and technical training demonstrate our tenets of our philosophy. We strive to be YOUR Best Decision.

Testimonials"Jean is an accomplished sales professional, who is committed to providing high-quality and economically beneficial energy services to her customers. She advocates for her customer's needs, while maintaining a full understanding of her suppliers' economics, and the overall energy marketplace. I would certainly recommend her to any energy user looking for ideas on lowering their energy expenses, or to any organization looking for a high-end sales executive." Jim B., Vice President at natural gas pipeline company "[Beacom] executed several complicated deals involving multiple sites and/or entities, and her ability to anticipate the needs of the client and the business led to noticeably improved ease and ability to transition accounts from sales to operations." Bryan P., Energy Supply & Demand Management
Assess YOUR Goals.

Risk tolerance, financial needs, usage trends, and seasonal changes influence your needs and make your situation unique. This is when you need your consultant to listen to you. Without a good, sound understanding, all the budgeting in the world won't achieve your goals.

Analyze YOUR Options.

Every business is different; every client has different objectives and needs. This is why you need someone who can examine the data, trends, and acuity of your particular business needs.

Develop YOUR Plan.

Our strategy for your energy procurement and management is to make sure we plan for long-term as well as short-term goals, while considering the contracts and trends that affect the mid-term transitions.


Even after you make the best decision for now, that doesn't mean your situation won't change. Beacom Energy will stay on top of YOUR accounts and invoices, market and regulatory changes, customer service, industry and political conditions, plus economic influences that will affect YOUR Goals.

Jean Beacom
Founder & President,
Beacom Energy, Inc

Jean's career in energy began in 1997 in retail supply of natural gas with Amgas Retail, which was eventually purchased by MidAmerican Energy. In those early years, Jean learned a great deal about natural gas, metering, hedging, risk management, and how to better serve her clients.

In 2000, Jean leapt into business ownership as a independent consultant. Exclusive to one Alternative Retail Energy Supplier, Jean's exerience and knowledge of power markets grew, including municipal aggregation, state procurement and management contracts, LEED projects, distribution needs, and wholesale power purchasing. Throughout, she learned the benefits of sound decision-making and the values of loyalty and customer service in day-to-day business relationships.

2013 was another big year for Jean as her company transitioned to better serve her clients by contracting with additional energy suppliers, all of which are Fortune 1000 companies, offering a comprehensive list of products and programs for her clients' energy needs. Additionally, Beacom was certified as a Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE).

"Jean was not only pleasant to work with but delivered excellent customer service and sales support."
Bryan P., Energy Supply & Demand Management

Always valuing education, Jean received a Bachelor's degree in Advance Marketing from DePaul University (Chicago), and a Master's degree in Business Administration from the prestigious School of Brennan, Dominican University (River Forest, IL). Jean also received the professional certification of Energy Auditing from the University of Wisconsin, College of Engineering (Madison). This past year, Jean received her LEED Certification. Next, She will receive her AEE Certified Energy Manager designation.

Jean was recruited and agreed to be an Ambassador for NAWBO and its members. In association with DePaul University, Jean is passing along her business acumen to the next generation with the Young Entrepreneurs Mentorship.

Jean is married and the mother to three wonderful kids. In her spare time, Jean loves to golf, play tennis, read, and continues to learn professionally and personally as well as volunteering at her children's schools.

Services at a Glance
ENERGY Choices
We go beyond the economics of
energy products and services

• Retail Supply & Energy Consultant
• Demand Response
• Power Marketer
• WBE Certified Supplier
Support for your energy management
• Energy Management
• Security Camera Distributor
• Project Management
• Recovery Auditor
Address forensic and preservation issues
while improving building standard

• Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
• Property Condition Assessments
• Green House Gas Reduction Strategies
• Building Enclosure Evaluations & Repairs
Over the past two decades, retail markets for natural gas and electricity have expanded, allowing consumers to find the best combination of price, products and services.
Our objectives are simple:
• Reduce your costs
• Reduce your consumption
• Plan for major and minor influences that are affecting your bottom-line
Wholesale is a viable alternative for those larger companies whose size and locations demand a more intricate and liquid supply.
• Quiet volatility through identifying and maximizing long-term fuel and power pricing
• Diversify your portfolio by various fuel types, suppliers, and geographic locations
• Identify contingencies to mitigate risk
We provide the security you need, with products which are able to play nice with integrated systems, for added insurance and protection.
• Distributor for State of the Art Video Surveillance technology
• Technology can integrate with a variety of third – party devices, applications and program
• Full 360 degrees of situational awareness, advanced analytics and real time transmission
We provide a comprehensive distribution service for efficiency projects focusing upon lighting and associated materials.
• Knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing, and quick delivery
• Vast selection of quality green and sustainable products
• Integrated support and project management services
We bring projects to completion on time and within budget.
• Responsible evaluation and complete performance-based project delivery approach
• Project monitoring, including delivery oversight, budgeting and scheduling
• Complete commitment to coordination and cooperation with all project team partners
We coach the process of self-sufficient cost recovery, adding to our ability to help you reduce costs down the line.
• Traditional and Specialty Auditing
• Process review and training for inhouse systems
• Periodic reviews, systems oversight, and tailored options to augment your team's abilities
Bridging the Gap
Our service offerings address each aspect of your energy, usage, systems and costs
We identify the right supplier, program and product for your current needs, including layered hedging, variable or fixed supply, and direct access. We assess the impact of production swings, weather, capacity, demand, wholesale indexes, and political factors to find you the best program and price for your facility or portfolio.
Retail Energy Consultant
Big consumers often need a different approach to their procurement, capital investments and planning. Whether they are public or private entities, We provide larger end-users direct access to wholesale markets.
Wholesale Supply & Power Marketer
As a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), Beacom Energy assists government procurement officers make the best power and natural gas decisions, while including their diversity targets. Beacom can provide diversity supply through energy purchasing at Federal, State and Municipal levels. Beacom Energy can help government agencies fulfill their targets as either Wholesale Power Marketer or a Retail Energy Consultant. We possess the specific certifications and licenses for most applied services and contracts.
Government Energy Procurement
(Diversity Supply)
We evaluate operations and indentify risk sensibilities in hedging, variable and/or fixed supply to produce the right balance for your budget, while determining the strong and weak points in your annual cost-savings initiatives. Too often Risk Management is a catch phrase and not a mission. At Beacom Energy, we are inspired to create systematic improvements that create long-term savings, focusing on YOUR particular and unique challenges.
Energy Management
Primarily focused on the systems and practices, our Energy Operations Analysis identifies then determines a plan for capital, maintenance and efficiency expeditures. Although we provide a thorough examination of all the influencers and leaks to your energy costs--including systems, equipment performance, enclosures and practices--our Audits focus upon how to recover these costs and how to improve inhouse sytems to close the leaks. The only way to know that projections meet practical use is to Audit, Audit, Audit.
Energy Operations Analysis & Cost Recovery
(Audit, Audit, Audit)
We examine the potential investment opportunity of upgrading and/or replacing energy-consuming equipment, highlighting the financial, cyclical, and employment drivers. We take pride in combining our abiliites with your staff's, seamlessly integrating coordinating with all Team partners. Then, we get the job done!
Project Management
(Energy Efficiency & Capital Improvements)
Beyond Expectations
Strategic Alliances Suppliers, Auditing Specialists & Building Forensic Architects

Built on the changing landscape of technology, Beacom provides services beyond supply side management, distribution, project management and energy analysis with strategic alliances. Beacom Energy has a global network with over 200 years of experience in construction, materials, forensic and compliance auditing, architecture and building forensics.

Professionals with immense experience working with organizations from myriad of industries, our Advisors generate financial and strategic benefit for your organization by leading you to cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Operations and Systems Analysis is only a small part of how Beacom can find potential savings for you.

Buildings are living, breathing entities that need diligent planning to properly run, covering improvements, maintainence and repair.

Through our Strategic Alliances, Beacom can provide the following services:

Operations Analysis


Diversity Supply

Green Initiatives

Microgrid Technologies

Equipment Retrofits

Energy Efficiency

Energy Benchmarking

Sustainability Planning
Affinity Programs

Beacom Energy provides opportunities for Associations and Consortiums an exclusive partnership, or Affinity Program, with the sole purpose of reducing its members' energy costs.

Participation would be open to all members, with no out-of-pocket registration costs. Beacom envisions building long lasting customer relationships with existing and new members through outstanding customized service, while supporting the such Memberships.

Beacom Energy will provide individualized and custom analysis, pricing, service, purchasing and recommendations, including short- and long-term solutions, for each member company to reduce or maintain the most economical position with regard to their energy expenditures.

In addition to any reductions in Members' energy expenses, Beacom Energy would show our support by committing to advertising, attendance at events and volunteering as needed. Showing the value of our Alliance goes beyond the financial needs of its members and we would like to prove that under a proposed Affinity Program.

Beacom Energy currently provides Affinity Benefits to members of the Cremation Association of North America. If you are a member of CANA, please click here.

For more information about a program customized to the needs of your association, purchasing group or consortium, please contact us.

Diversity Goals

We assist private and government procurement make the best power and natural gas decisions for their diversity and economic targets.
• Provide retail and wholesale expertise while adding value by reaching diversity targets
• Advise and construct customized RFPs and RFQs for precise parameters in selecting vendors
• Establish energy benchmarks through comprehensive auditing and analysis with customizable formatting

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