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Energy Choice is in YOUR hands

But what will you do with it? There are a lot of good energy suppliers with hundreds of options for retail energy users, but only one that fits YOUR natural gas and electricity procurement needs. There is only one energy expert that’s the best for YOUR purchasing and energy management.

Energy Experts

If I only knew then what I know now? Well, Beacom Energy believes “knowing” comes with experience and with 18 years — and over $1 Billion of managed energy for its clients — Beacom will be your best decision for natural gas and electricity purchasing.

People feel most confident in their decisions when they understand the available options and can comfortably compare and evaluate each one.” Colleen Roller

Whether YOUR need is small commercial, mid-sized industrial, or a government department, we provide indepth analysis and comprehensive customer service that comes with years of experience. We give our customers the best options for their energy.

Beacom Energy is The Best Decision!

Beacom Energy will:

Assess YOUR Goals.

Risk tolerance, financial needs, usage trends, and seasonal changes influence your needs and make your situation unique.

This is when you need your consultant to listen to you. Without a good, sound understanding, all the budgeting in the world won’t achieve your goals.

Analyze YOUR Options.

Every business is different; every client has different objectives and needs.

This is why you need someone who can examine the data, trends, and acuity of your particular business needs.

Develop YOUR Plan. 

Our strategy for your energy procurement and management is to make sure we plan for long-term as well as short-term goals, while considering the contracts and trends that affect the mid-term transitions.


Even after you make the best decision for now, that doesn’t mean your situation won’t change. Beacom Energy will stay on top of YOUR accounts and invoices, market and regulatory changes, customer service, industry and political conditions, plus economic influences that will affect YOUR Goals.

We will be your experts so you can focus on your business. In other words, we stay available.